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Winery with Jazz

Listening to music and chatting with musicians, while enjoying a fantastic wine was the programme chosen for the initiative «Winery with Jazz». This idea, created by the secretary of state for tourism and the secretary of state for culture, to which the municipality of Silves successfully applied, has given rise to experiences in the wineries of the region of the Algarve, in which the pleasure of tasting a fine wine, combined with a jazz vibe, has produced many a moment to remember. The aim of this event involves ensuring a means to reducing local seasonality. «Winery with Jazz» aims to give a cultural boost to the places in Silves where wine is produced. A perfect blend between wine and music. The public enjoys a unique moment, in venues that wouldn’t usually welcome a jazz concert, but the result has been positive. Since the event kicked off, on January 14, the public has shown great interest. Venues such as Quinta João Clara; Quinta da Vinha, Sítio da Vala; Convento do Paraíso; Quinta do Lagar; and Quinta do Barradas, Sítio da Venda Nova have hosted jazz concerts. Now, for anyone who doesn’t want to miss out on an experience of this kind, until March 17, in Silves, they can still attend one of the remaining concerts (March 10 and 17, first at Quinta do Francês, Dobra Odelouca and then at Quinta Rosa Pinheiro e Garrado).