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Luxury applications for smartphones give access to exclusive services

Aware of the importance of smartphone apps in everyday life, several luxury brands offer apps that ensure access to exclusive services. Louis Vuitton City Guide is one of them. This app shows the glamorous side of each city, suggesting a multitude of special experiences. Gucci is using the same technology to reinvent customers’ shopping experiences. Its personalised Gucci Shopping App, allows you to get more details about products, stores, etc. quickly and easily. But many more top brands have joined the world of applications. Bob’s Watche - Tinder for Rolex, TAG Heuer's Connected, Bentley Bentayga TSR and Jetsmarter-Uber For Private Jets are some of them, almost all of which are available for Android and IOS. To get Vip Black, buying it isn’t enough. Potential members are required to certify that they are high income individuals. Once accepted, Vip Black, the millionaire app, offers members full VIP treatment at all partner sites around the world.