Ocean Restaurant

Voyage of the senses

\\ Text Maria Amélia Pires
\\ Photography Direitos Reservados

The ocean is the Atlantic, but it could be any other, if we were to close our eyes and sail into the unknown, through the flavours of the sea. But it is better to open your eyes and embark on a voyage of the senses, in which they all combine to make taste the star. It is taste that is enraptured when the exquisite flavours of chef Hans Neuner and his team join hands with your sight, passing through the transparency of the glass and plunging into the Atlantic beyond; or when your eyes realize that the sea is right there: in the blue swathe lining the walls, in the white foam of the corals, in the lamps that, like a sun, turn the tableware into shimmering pieces of water.

They arrive at your table like works of art, like fragments of dreams that delight all the senses, coming together in one.

Sometimes heading north means heading south. It is in the south of Portugal, in the VILA VITA Parc Resort & Spa, Porches, Algarve, that we find an Ocean, on the shores of another larger one - the Atlantic -, almost merging with it. Since 2007, Ocean Restaurant has been captivating anyone who embarks on this voyage of the senses, to such an extent, that awards and accolades throughout the years have been joined by two Michelin stars. Its executive chef, Hans Neuner, has been voted chef of the Year on two occasions. Under the command of Neuner and Head Chef Florian Rühlmann, astounding flavours come into being, like treasures discovered under the salty waters. Flavours of the sea, but also of fertile terra firma, that offers up the freshest of products on a daily basis. They arrive at your table like works of art, like colourful corals, like shells on the beach, like fragments of dreams that delight all the senses, coming together in one.

The art of dining, this is what Ocean advocates, and it is art that can be seen and felt in Coast-Caught Octopus with Peppers, Cucumber and Fennel, in Lobster and Mango Coconut Curry, Red Bream with Corn from Aljezur, Xerém and Shellfish, in the Imperial Pigeon with Pumpkin, Black Truffle and Rosehips, Flank Steak with Romanesco, Mustard and Hazelnuts, and in all the dishes that are surrendered to the palates of the diners. The knowledge and sensitivity of Nelson Marreiros, Ocean’s sommelier, ensure that the wines, originating from the most varied regions, complete the harmony of flavours.

This is a gourmet restaurant stood within a luxury hotel, but above all else it is an elegant place where the senses embark on a unique experience, made of sea and land, of flavours and knowledge, which are stored forever in your taste treasure chest. The journey begins. Ocean is the Atlantic stretching out endlessly.