Surprise party

Villas&Golfe founder turns 50

\\ Text Maria Cruz
\\ Photography ©Daniel Camacho

Shhhhh! Surprise! Everyone shouted as soon as the birthday boy entered the room. Paulo Martins, founder of Villas&Golfe magazine, has turned 50. Hip, hip, hooray! We wanted to mark his special day last October. And boy, did we mark it!

Organising a surprise birthday party for someone is always a challenge. And this was no exception. Challenging?! Too right it was! We wanted it to be as much as Paulo Martins is in his life projects. If he’s good at keeping secrets, then so are we. If he’s good at impressing people, then so are we. If he’s good at standing out from the crowd, then so are we. To this end we brought family and friends together and we all kept it a secret to ensure his surprise in the final reveal. Just like his discreet personality, we too strived for discretion when planning the party. And we focused on making it simple, while of course adding a touch of glamour. Every detail was carefully planned: the views from the Yeatman Hotel in Vila Nova de Gaia provided the backdrop and the select venue to celebrate the date. The soft sounds of violinist Ianina Khmelik welcomed and provided the perfect atmosphere, when the birthday boy made his entrance and during dinner.

When things were wrapping up, we managed to surprise Paulo Martins again. This time, with a video, packed with photos of his life, interspersed with messages of appreciation from the various guests present, and also from those who were unable to attend the party, but who insisted on saying a few words. We all sang him Happy Birthday! Then it was time to open the presents. Some of the guests wanted to contribute to the gift – a watch to help mark the magazine founder’s party in time. And, in fact, Paulo Martins’ birthday will be set in time and in everyone’s memory. In chronological time and in spiritual time, seeing as he was also given a 50-year-old bottle of port, personalized and labelled with some of the adjectives that best describe Paulo Martins. Gifts that stand for the story of his life. And life... is something that Paulo Martins will have plenty of! This is the wish of all who were part of this moment.

Our very best wishes! 

Ianina Khmelik

Elsa Costa, Paulo Morais

João Soares, Rita Soares


Maria Fernanda Teixeira, Hernâni Teixeira

Domingos Freitas, Berta

Sérgio Rodrigues, Maria João

Eduarda Silva, Hugo Silva

Mélissa Sampaio, Eduardo Silva

Paulo Martins, Filomena Abreu

Maria Oliveira, Maria Cruz

Ana Sofia Monteiro, Filipe Diogo

Elisabete Alves, Carlos Campos