Physical Exercise vs Localised Fat

Humberto Barbosa

Founder of Clínica do Tempo®

Doing regular physical exercise makes the muscles more dynamic and flexible, improves posture and coordination, in addition to decreasing the risk of various diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases. However, the motivation that drives a large number of people to do physical exercise is often related to aesthetic issues rather than health issues. It is generally thought that through regular physical exercise you can quickly eliminate the areas of localised fat that some people have always had in very specific areas of their body. But in reality it is very difficult to achieve these types of results in a short space of time with nothing but regular physical exercise.

Muscular and defined bodies, boasting so-called ‘six packs’ clear to see are the fruit of years and years of intense daily physical exercise and for amounts of time that go far beyond the usual that people dedicate to this practice. A much quicker, less tiring, and equally healthy way to achieve this kind of definition is by making use of non-invasive «liposuction». At Clínica do Tempo®, we use a treatment called Liposhaper® - the first non-invasive «Liposuction» - that uses a 635 nm laser to create a permeability in the adipocyte membrane allowing subsequent fat elimination in a fast and safe way, without cuts, without pain and without recovery time, whereby the excess fat is eliminated by natural processes of the organism, without any danger to your health.

When we do sit-ups, even frequently and in high numbers, most of the time we complain we can see no difference with regard to definition in the muscles. This happens because between the muscle and the stimulant factor there is a layer of fat that does not let the stimulus effectively reach the muscle. If this ‘thickness’ of fat was reduced, then the stimulus can totally reach the muscle, acting with an effectiveness that allows the muscle definition we crave so much.

Do exercise to strengthen your heart, promote better oxygenation of your organism and prevent muscle injuries, increase your stamina, strength and flexibility. But if your goal is to quickly remove localised fat, then Liposhaper® is the ideal solution for you.