Ladera Resort

Closer to paradise

\\ Text Maria Amélia Pires
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Perched above the harbour town of Soufrière, in the midst of a tropical rainforest, the Ladera Resort is the most exclusive and luxurious tourist resort of Saint Lucia, an idyllic island in the Caribbean. The breathtaking views – over the forest, over the majestic Piton mountains and over the deep blue sea – would provide reason enough for amazement, but the luxury Eco Resort is committed to providing an authentic Caribbean experience to all its guests. Pioneering the open resort concept, so as to combine the natural environment with exquisite service, the Ladera Resort has already been deemed worthy of the highest awards and accolades from the most discerning travel critics.

The beauty of Saint Lucia is unparalleled and its culture is a unique fusion of French, British and African traditions.

Saint Lucia is an island nation in the Lesser Antilles, in the Caribbean, near Martinique, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Barbados. Its name was given to it by Christopher Columbus in 1502. Of volcanic origin, it is criss-crossed, from north to south, by a chain of mountains, the tallest of which is Mount Gimie, reaching an altitude of 959 m. Two mounts of great beauty, Gros Piton, measuring 798 m, and Petit Piton, rising to 750 m, frame a small bay in the southwest. The idyllic island is a charming place, with its peaceful beaches, of fine white sand, deep blue sea and tropical forests. Thanks to its mountainous terrain and lush flora, the Saint Lucia’s beauty is unparalleled. Its culture is a unique fusion of French, British and African traditions.

Located at the top of a rainforest, 335 metres above the Caribbean Sea, the Ladera Resort is the only tourist resort of Saint Lucia set in UNESCO World Heritage territory, with views over Gros Piton. The 15-hectare property, which was once part of the Rabot Estate (one of the oldest cocoa plantations in Soufrière), offers 37 suites, built without a fourth wall, ensuring constant open views onto the private pool, seemingly tumbling over a precipice, onto the magnificent sunset and onto the mountains that point to the sky. In keeping with its ecological philosophy, every corner of the resort has been built with tropical timber, local stone and tiling, and boasts distinct aesthetic décor using typical fabrics and custom-made furniture, handcrafted

The suites have been built without a fourth wall, ensuring open views onto the private pool, onto the magnificent sunset and onto the mountains that point to the sky.

Ladera’s Dasheene restaurant prides itself on creating local dishes using ingredients grown in the resort itself, as well as meat and fish bought locally. Guests can enjoy cocktails at the bar of the Dasheene or beside the infinity pool, but if your intention involves deeper relaxation the resort’s spa is the right choice, or the fitness room or yoga room. During the day, in addition to the many activities offered by the resort, such as cooking classes, hiking, beach, boat trips and island tours, guests can set off in search of the many attractions of Saint Lucia, such as the Diamond Falls and the Sulphur Springs. When the sun drops below the horizon, the nightlife at Ladera promises plenty of surprises, or you can opt for the height in ecstasy, in the intimacy of your suite, with the moon and the shadow of the mountains on the horizon.