Vinum Restaurant & Wine Bar

An endless passion for wine

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Vinum Restaurant & Wine Bar results from a partnership between the Symington family and the Basque Sagardi group.

Greeting one of the most singular landscapes in Portugal, with the River Douro and the Dom Luís I Bridge providing an indescribable backdrop, Vinum Restaurant & Wine Bar boasts a captivating love story. In 1882, a young man disembarked in Oporto, arriving from Glasgow, and the charms of Beatrice de Leitão de Carvalhosa Atkinson, from a family dedicated to the production of Port Wine, won him over. This boy of 19 years bore the name Andrew James, and a surname that today is synonymous with winemaking quality: Symington. For generations, dedication to the Douro and to grape harvests, have kept the passion of Andrew James and Beatrice alive, in a constant quest for the best Port Wine. And it is in this quest that we find Vinum Restaurant & Wine Bar, a venue combining passion for fine wines with fine food, in a partnership between the Symington family and the Basque Sagardi family.

With décor inspired by wine ? as if it could be any other way -, Vinum's main dining room is surrounded by 3200 oak casks, in which Graham's Port Wines are ageing. In a building dating back to 1890, the restaurant features wooden tables, upon which candles flicker, adding a cosy and welcoming atmosphere to the space. In an extension to the main dining room, the Atrium stands out as one of the perfect settings to enjoy one of Europe's finest views, no matter what time of day.

Serving up traditional cooking from the Douro, Trás-os-Montes, the Minho and from the Atlantic Ocean, and located within the historic cellars of Graham's, Vinum is a paradise for anyone who loves wine and gastronomic specialities from the north of Portugal. Prepared by Iñaki de Viñaspre, ox meat is joined by crispy Moura and apple samosas, grilled alheira sausages and also fish sourced from Matosinhos fish market, in a blend between cosmopolitan cooking and local products, prepared in a simple way. But the choice spreads like vineyards along the Douro Valley. Somewhere to pause during a visit to the Port cellars, or during a private wine tasting session, Vinum at Graham's tempts you to sample some roast beef and parmesan on flat bread with mustard vinaigrette, or hake and mussels marinières, all rounded off with a thin apple tart. If this menu doesn't whet your appetite, maybe the red tuna tartar with confit tomato, or the salted cod with caldo verde will. For dessert, the pine nut and mango ravioli with coconut ice cream, promises to be the ideal final touch for your meal. And, accompanying all the menus, the finest of Portuguese wines.