Restaurante Toscano

Italy in Luanda

\\ Text Maria Amélia Pires
\\ Photography Daniel Camacho

On entering, a first glance takes you on a journey to Italy, given that, here and there, the walls are decorated with Italian souvenirs. As you take a more detailed look at the space, its Angolan style also stands out, unsurprisingly as we?re in Luanda. Sophistication is what really makes its mark in the Restaurante Toscano, however, materialised in the gold and silver and in the impeccably laid tables.

On the terrace of the La Bella Luanda pizzeria, the environment is more relaxed, ideal for groups of friends, who enjoy typically Italian fresh pasta and pizzas. Confused?! The vast experience of the Anjosan Group, specialised in restaurant managements, led it to open, on June 30, 2015, the Toscano and La Bella Luanda, two Italian concepts that share the same venue. This combination is due to the proximity of the Italian embassy and, as a result, to the growing interest in pizzas in the neighbourhood. 

The Toscano and La Bella Luanda are two Italian concepts sharing the same space.


The Toscano offers a vast menu, focused on Italian cuisine but equally appealing to the Angolan palate. Indeed, Angolan ingredients prevail, to ensure freshness and quality. This time, from the kitchen headed by experienced chef Lopes Luís, we are brought some mini bruschettas and aubergine with parmesan. The main dishes follow, looking succulent: fettuccine pasta with stone bass and spiny lobster, pork loin with port wine and fish fillet with Mediterranean sauce. But it could just as easily be so many others.  To finish, the petit gâteau, or the shockingly Italian tiramisù. If night is falling, dinner can be accompanied by a varied selection of wines, as at lunchtime, but live music will add to the happiness of guests.