Assador Lookal

Meat with the taste of South America

\\ Text Andreia Filipa Ferreira \
\\ Photography Manuel Teixeira

Anyone who has been down the Avenida Murtala Mohamed, on the Ilha do Cabo, will certainly recognise the Lookal signature. With a range of quality services, Lookal has now added a new venue to its list. Following the success achieved with evening entertainment at the Lookak Ocean Club and with the delicious seafood served up in the Lookal Mar, the time has come for meat to have a Lookal of its own. Its name is Assador Lookal and it brings gaucho traditions to Luanda. With the typical fogo de chão open fire barbecues of South America, on view to anyone passing by in the street through the glass front decorating the exterior, this concept makes a promise from the outset: to serve the best meat in Angola.

With the typical "fogo de chão" open fire barbecues of South America, the Assador Lookal is the perfect place for meat lovers.

In a rustic yet modern setting, with wood a predominant feature in the decoration, the space is very large, allowing the ovens in which the meat is prepared to remain in view of guests. Outside, sea views and gentle breezes of the island make up the terrace.

Before tasting the succulent meats, the barman is ready to dazzle with some pre-dinner cocktails. And then the reason for your visit arrives. Roasted or grilled, with delicious side dishes and intensely flavoured delicacies, the Lookal meats provide «an experience far from what people are used to». These are the words of Mário Duarte, the restaurant's manager, who couldn't be happier with how Angolans have responded to the group's new eatery. «We are really busy. I would say that we serve an average of 300 meals, at lunchtime and for dinner». he reveals. This means that every shift is a busy one for the 40 staff members employed at this Lookal. But despite being busy, friendly and professional service is a detail that is never lacking.

With a huge variety of dishes, all kinds of meat and sophisticated presentation, choosing your food isn't easy. While we are trying to decide, we ask for help from one of the chefs, who turns Lookal meats into a feast for the gods, chef Rubem Chiribao. With 33 years of experience and coming straight from Uruguay to embrace this project, chef Rubem talks about meat with an expertise that leaves no doubt as to the quality of what we are about to be served. «We have a distinctive variety of dishes and we use cuts of meat that many people in Angola have never heard of. They are ways of preparing meat that are very typical in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay». he explains. On the specialities menu we find authentic rodízios with chuletón, cochinillo de Segovia, rack of ribs à la francesa, ribeye steak, lamb cutlets, suckling pig, kid or picanha. To join the finest meat, the Assador Lookal boasts a varied selection of wines. At the end of your meal, the pleasant palette-cleanser prepares the way for the desserts ahead. And when it comes to desserts, the choice is just as hard: flan, jelly, doce de leite, pancakes, crêpes, mousse or ice cream. Irrespective of the decision made, one thing is certain when it's time to leave - your desire to return.