Nikki's House  

Feel at Home when Dining Out

\\ Text Maria Cruz \
\\ Photography Manuel Teixeira

Don't be surprised if you have to ring the bell to be let in. Half hidden away, in the neighbourhood of Maianga, in Luanda, we guarantee: you?ll just love Nikki's House. The door is opened! Be enthralled by the house. Appreciate the décor. Breathe in nature with the green presence of the plants. Enjoy the bar at the entrance, in a peaceful setting, surrounded by sofas and colourful cushions. Take a seat and make yourself comfortable!

Yet, behind all this beauty, there lies a sad story. The owner of the space, Madalena Hossi, once went on holiday with her family to Marbella, in Europe. There they went to the Nikki Beach. Her daughter, Ana, asked her mother if she ever opened a restaurant or bar one day to call it Nikki (the name Ana was known by). «Then, in the year after the trip, I lost Ana», Madalena tells us. This was the reason behind the opening of this space. Today, this entire place is a tribute to her daughter. A place where you can feel love, dedication and peace of mind.

A cozy and modern space in Luanda city.    

The house was closed for some time. After plucking up the courage, Madalena transformed the house, which was formerly the family's residence for more than 12 years, into a special space. And she is certain about one thing: «if for any reason I give up this business, the most important thing is that the name remains. She will always be with me or with any other person that may come to take care of the space», reveals Madalena. Getting the details right in the decoration has always been the owner's aim, because she says that wherever her daughter Ana may be, she would like to see how the house is.

The space is well organised: from the side area of the house on the left, to the large courtyard to the rear, on the ground floor, you?ll find a choice of tables set apart from each other, so that the noise of others won't disturb conversations, whether during a romantic dinner, a family meal, or a business meal. If you want to visit the different parts of the house, you can always climb the stairs, towards the first floor and enjoy the veranda, or even stop off at the lounge to the side, which looks more like a library, and enjoy some moments of distraction, reading a book, flicking through a magazine, having a drink, before your meal is served.

The essence of this space is distinguished by the beauty it is home to.

When it comes to the food, you can expect a very special kind of fusion cuisine, created by the owner. You will be offered a list of seven starters, meat dishes, seafood dishes and desserts. The most popular dish is the Nikki's House Style Steak, primarily because of the sauce. If you go for seafood, try the Grouper Steak with Cured Ham or the Prawns and, of course, if you still have room for a dessert, you could always sample the Ginger Ice Cream.  
Among the fantastic colours, the freshness of the plants, the detailed décor, savouring a meal or even supping on a famous red fruit caipirinha, appreciate every detail and enjoy the good taste, whether gastronomic or aesthetic.