Ljubomir Stanisic

Dishing up Journeys

\\ Text Sónia Gomes Costa
\\ Photography 1 ©Constantino Leite/Papa Quilómetros; 2,3,4 ©Fabrice Demoulin/100 Maneiras

No rules and a countless array of ways of creating and dishing up food. It is to this mindset that chef Ljubomir Stanisic cooks at 100 Maneiras, the concept he has developed to provoke, stimulate the senses and the imagination of anyone sampling the works of art he creates. And because where there is creation there are no regulations, this chef with three kitchens in the Portuguese capital dishes up creativity, in every way possible and imaginable.

Where there is creation there are no regulations. And Ljubomir Stanisic dishes up creativity.

Reflecting the personality of Ljubo ? as he is known among friends ?, the concept of the three restaurants, 100 Maneiras (in Bairro Alto), Bistro (in Trindade) and Nacional (in São Bento) is a fusion of traditional with innovative, of knowhow with imagination. Because this chef likes to eat, travel, laugh, chat, watch films (especially films by Tarantino) and to love... And he loves to masterfully blend these personal ingredients, with culinary ones. And Ljubo places in his creations no end of sophistication, seasoning them with the informality that characterises him. The 100 Maneiras chef really likes to have the freedom to choose one of Lisbon's most iconic images, such as the washing line, and one the most famous national ingredients, such a salted codfish, and to transform them into a delicious and surprising dish. Enjoying the pleasures in life and celebrating them with excellent food and good company are the maxims that Ljubo insists on passing on, preparing dishes in more than one hundred different ways.