Mangais Restaurant gives rise to a New Lifestyle Concept

\\ Photography Manuel Teixeira

The quality of the dishes it serves is the same, as is its location. But the similarities between this, the Raízes restaurant, and the former Mangais restaurant, located in the centre of Luanda, end at that. «The new ingredients on the menu are fashion and the tea market,» says Paula Tavares, the eatery's owner. «The initial idea was to bring these complementary elements to a concept, which, basically is one of lifestyle and that is about all that is beautiful and all that we need to feel good,» she adds. Nature is the element that unites the spaces. In Raízes, you?ll find everything that has to do with the land, people and culture.
On the first floor of this space, the decoration is familiar. Cleverly aged woods are joined by cosy corners and, above all else, food that Paula Tavares believes meets the preferences of Angolans. «We take into account the local, Angolan cuisine, and international cuisine; within this, special emphasis is placed on Portuguese, gourmet cooking, because people like to eat well. I still believe that they prefer this type of cooking to any other kind, whether fusion, French or possibly oriental,» she explains. In addition to a buffet that will make you put any diet on hold, the restaurant also boasts a comprehensive wine list and a selection of fresh juices to go with your food.

In Raízes, you?ll find everything that has to do with the land, people and culture.

The ground floor of this new space, until now unoccupied, has some new things in store. The first is a veritable invitation to breakfast and drawn-out in-between-meal snacks. An old dream of Paula Tavares, the tea market of Raízes is a place to go and take tea in the afternoon, to eat some scones or a selection of cheeses and enjoy a glass of champagne. «It is a space for people to come in the evening, after work, to relax a little in comfortable surroundings and get away from the heat,» says Paula Tavares. In the room next to the tea market we find the second innovation at Raízes. This is the first space in Angola of Portuguese fashion designer Américo Tavar. «Fashion is part of the concept of well-being that we want to put across here. And Américo Tavar's design style identifies with the aesthetics and preferences of the Angolans,» reasons Paula Tavares. She adds: «the elements that motivate his design are always inspired by nature, in some form or another». And inspiration in nature is, after all, what this new space is all about.