Nine Michelin stars for Portugal

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By all appearances, gastronomy in Portugal still boasts plenty of reasons to be rewarded. Portugal has won nine more Michelin stars, in the famous and aspired-to guide, and renewed several, at the end of 2016. For the first time the list of star-winning establishments includes restaurants such as Antiquum, William, Casa de Chá da Boa Nova, Loco, Bon Bon, Alma, L’and and LAB. Others get some more: The Yeatman, now has two stars, and Il Gallo d'Oro, also with two stars. Others have kept the stars they were given in previous years. The gala for the 2017 edition, for Portugal and Spain, took place in November, in Girona. In its global ranking, among the winners, Portugal is in 15th place, this time being awarded another 14 stars. There are 21 Portuguese restaurants that will be featured in the guide this year, five of which have two stars and sixteen with one star. Bon appétit